Codes and Ciphers 1

J.P        *        =       

0.RJ      *        =        ◊

T.E       *        =        ◊

0.IT      *        =        ◊

R.U       *        =        ◊

0.JR      *        =        ◊

note that in 0.JR, 0.IT AND 0.JR, the first digit is a zero (0), not O.
  • * = x 10/ 100

  • each pair of s  (1st+2nd, 3rd+4th, 5th+6th) = 100

  • each letter= 1 digit i.e. A=6, ( now no other letter can be 6)

  • no letter is 0 or 5

How many solutions can you find?

Arrange the letters to make the name of a planet. Find the solution which gives the planet’s name the highest value.

Leave the answers in the comments.






Book of the Week

 Wee Free Men

by          Terry Pratchett (my favourite)

ages:     9/10+ (plus as in till you’re so blind you can’t read, my entire family reads it)

I recommend first listening to this on Audible (narrated by Stephen Briggs), as some of the some of the vocabulary is had to understand/pronounce in its written form. I first listened to this when I was nine (two years ago), and loved it. since then I have listened and read it many times. There is some magic (in case it creeps you out) and one or two scary parts, but most off the time you will be laughing to much you won’t be able to hear what is going on over the laughter. Believe it or not,i would just about give it a ten out of ten!