He’s got the hand signals and verbal commands for sit, wait, down and up. He can go quite well from ‘down’ to ‘stand’ or ‘sit’. If anyone says ‘find it’, he puts his nose to the ground and hunts madly, and when he finds a trail, he will follow it. To exercise him I occasionally place jumps on bricks. I can normally get him to do two jumps about four bricks high (one brick≈9cm) (not very high for a 60-centimetres-at-the-withers dog) and  1,2m apart in a row. Recently I tried to get him to three jumps two bricks high in the same distance, but, somehow, he kept doing two (80cm apart!) in one stride! (And he cleared all three.)

Tip:     you can exercise
your dog’s brain or
nose by placing flower
pots or cups in a row
and placing treats
under some for your
dog to sniff out on


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