Author: Suzanne Selfors
Ages: 11+ (adults included)

This thrilling book is a long read. Some parts, especially near the beginning, are tiresome and may make readers want to give up, but the story is guaranteed to capture you. (Actually, it isn’t, it’s just a book, and it is possible to not even capture you metaphorically, as implied by the statement.) It is one of those books that involves the reader, forcing them to feel the sadness, fear, disbelief and excitement of the characters.
And, of course, it’s about basset hounds. It is generally realistic (it does get a tiny bit sci-fi) and it does not feel as fake as most mystery/kids books (I suppose it isn’t really a mystery book, though).
This book is the first in a series of three treasure-hunting, basset books, each better than the previous.

I give this book a 7/10

smells like dogRate this book. PLEASE!



Apologies for the blurry picture


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